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Backup TS3


Falfin A posted Aug 19, 16

Free To Play Weekend (Ended)

Scent Hound

Falfin A posted Jul 26, 16

Welcome Back....Finally

Falfin A posted May 7, 16

Be..The Kobe...

Falfin A posted Apr 25, 16

Gaming News
Stardew Valley version 1.1 recently went into beta, and it includes some new features that open up new opportunities for marriage. Oh, and it also adds a way for you to end that marriage and send the person you used to love into a spiral...
Published Sep 29, 2016
Bungie has provided updates on the return of two Destiny multiplayer events and discussed some of the current issues players have run into when trying to find better Ghosts and Artifacts.On the multiplayer front, the first Trials of Osir...
Published Sep 29, 2016
Ubisoft has released a new Starter edition for Rainbow Six Siege on Steam for a limited time. For $15, it gives players full access to the game, while providing a different system for unlocking Operators.Buying the Starter edition instan...
Published Sep 29, 2016
Being an entertainment property which exists in the world, Titanfall had to get its own line of Funko Pop figures. Those are now on the way, and they're really cute.Each of the four Pop figures consists of a Titan and a Pilot. The Titans...
Published Sep 29, 2016
A major change could be coming to Borderlands developer Gearbox's hero shooter Battleborn. A source told Kotaku that the game will switch to a free-to-play business model in the coming months. An official announcement about this is said ...
Published Sep 29, 2016
Steam's weekend sales are now available, and they come alongside a free weekend deal. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is free to play from now until Sunday, October 2, at 1 PM PT. And if you want to continue playing after Sunday, then you ca...
Published Sep 29, 2016
To promote this Sunday's debut of the new sci-fi/western show Westworld, HBO has launched a chatbot on the Discover Westworld website. The site is filled with information about Westworld the park and even lets you book your stay (though ...
Published Sep 29, 2016
There are a bunch of awesome Steam games on sale this weekend, and you have until Monday at 10 AM PT to take advantage of the discounts. We've provided links to some of the sale's best games below.Some of the best games in recent years a...
Published Sep 29, 2016
A hardware accessories page popped up on Steam today, giving us a look at some of the types of things that will be available for purchase soon. These include accessories like a wireless receiver, carrying case, and multiple skins for the...
Published Sep 29, 2016
A new update has been released for Destiny, this one focused on resolving some Strike issues (and one exploit) that have cropped up since Rise of Iron's launch last week.A popular technique that emerged for quickly increasing your Light ...
Published Sep 29, 2016
Tell Squiggy he spends too much time in the Principals Office ... aka AFK!
How's it been going everyone?
No worries, glad to help. I just hope PW can get back into action.
Thanks Bigfoot!
And noooobody can call NITE and let him know wtf?
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