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Weekend F2P

Falfin A posted Fri at 12:14

Free To Play Weekend

Scent Hound

Falfin A posted Jul 26, 16

Welcome Back....Finally

Falfin A posted May 7, 16

Be..The Kobe...

Falfin A posted Apr 25, 16

Gaming News
The PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013 and the list of must-play games keeps growing by the month. We've collated some of the most outstanding titles released so far, so check out our choices for what games you need to have for ...
Published Aug 25, 2016
Earlier this week, some footage of what was claimed to be an Xbox Live Arcade version of Rare's classic GoldenEye 007 emerged online. It looked wonderful and made us sad that it never came out.Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has responded to...
Published Aug 24, 2016
The games lineup for Microsoft's Project Scorpio console is "shaping up very well," according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. A fan on Twitter today asked if Spencer had a specific launch lineup in mind for the console and if there was any ch...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has multiple games in development right now. First, the studio is working with Korean developer Smilegate on the campaign for CrossFire 2. The other new game is something that's ...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Superdata today published its digital games revenue report for July 2016, revealing what it claims were the highest-grossing console, PC, and mobile games during the month on a global basis. With all areas combined, the worldwide digital...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches this fall, but it's not the only Call of Duty game coming. Bundled with special editions of Infinite Warfare is a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that includes the entire campa...
Published Aug 24, 2016
The PC version of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launched yesterday with a number of issues, some of which Eidos Montreal hopes to have resolved with its first update today.Today's patch brings the game to v1.0 build 524.7 and focuses on "crit...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Wii U owners can expect a new game to hit the eShop on August 25. Super Mario 64 DS is the latest game to release on the Wii U's Virtual Console.Super Mario 64 DS is much like the N64 classic, though instead of Mario walking into the cas...
Published Aug 24, 2016
It was cool last year when scientists discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting a Sun-like star. But a discovery announced today is even bigger: Astronomers have confirmed the existence of an exoplanet that's close to the size of Earth o...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Call of Duty 2 was recently added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, and now tech outlet Digital Foundry has analyzed the last-gen game and discovered that its performance is greatly improved on the current-gen console.The ...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Tell Squiggy he spends too much time in the Principals Office ... aka AFK!
How's it been going everyone?
No worries, glad to help. I just hope PW can get back into action.
Thanks Bigfoot!
And noooobody can call NITE and let him know wtf?
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